Things to consider when buying a ladies pocket watch

5 Things to consider when buying a ladies pocket watch

Pocket watches have been in the world for many years. Before the invention of the kinds of watches that are constantly glued to our wrists, there were watches that people could carry around in their pockets, cloaks or even around their necks as necklaces. The sheer simplicity and at the same time the tinge of complexity refines its elegance manifold. All this makes the pocket watches to be an attractive timepiece for everyone. The history of pocket watches dates back to the 16th century. During that time, the first timepieces were between the sizes of mantle clock and the pocket watches. Made out of brass with meticulous detailing over them, they were cylindrical shaped and some in rounded egg like shapes, the brass boxes that kept them together were beautiful and ornate.
Since olden times, women have been fairly attracted to accessories, jewellery and ornaments. The evolution of accessories has happened over a period of time with the development of society and simultaneously that of women. Some accessories were worn as a brooch or necklace, some around the waist, and some on the wrist and some even on the fingers. Women and accessories have a lot of linkages. If one develops, the other develops too. Women’s watches are a live example of this. The pocket watches do not have their fair share of popularity today. However, pocket watches are still essential gifts for new brides and vintage gifts to pass on to female heirs. What are the things to consider before gifting your pretty ladies a pocket watch today? Let’s find out.
Pocket watches are not very practical when people are in a hurry, unlike the Expensive Triwa pocket watches. Hence make sure the pocket watch you gift to your lady must have a long necklace chain attached to it so that she can run around doing errands while keeping your gift close to her heart. Literally!
If you are buying a vintage pocket watch for the special lady in your life, consider getting a background check. Most sellers today rip you off by selling you cheap metal, weird looking pocket watches by saying that these are vintage. But in reality they are not. Be wary of them.
Get a thorough study done beforehand of the likes and dislikes of your special lady. She might love The Harry Potter series or The Game Of Thrones series. Gift her something that she loves. Variety of antique looking pocket watches are available on the internet depicting major fandoms people are into these days. Like a snitch ball like pocket watch from the Harry Potter series.
Always remember to preserve the vintage pocket watches that were previously owned by others in your family or even by you to gift them to your special ladies. No matter how old or authentic your pocket watch is, be sure to clean it, service it and then pass it on to the next female heir.