Pocket Watch Repair Manual

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SE Watch Case Wrench, Adjustable, Jaxa Type

SE Watch Case Wrench, Adjustable, Jaxa Type

Product Description

6) If the watch back does not screw off do not force it. (Take the watch to a watch specialist to avoid damaging your watch.) This tool allows you to remove screw-on watch backs on a variety of watches. This will allow you to replace batteries, clean and oil waterproof seals to extend effectiveness of the seals, and repair internal parts. Watch Tool – Water Proof Watch Case Opener for Nearly Any Watch Case 4 sets of clamps, Round, Flat,Square,Toothed Able Tooling makes the best tools for the watch industry since 1901. This watch case opener will open most waterproof watch cases. Includes four sets of different type of chucks, chuks will work on polygonal, slotted, hole, and grooved case back. This tool comes in a cardboard box for easy storage.

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