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The exquisite Stuhrling Original Winchester skeleton automatic watch is anchored by the same reliable 20-jewel mechanical automatic movement (cal. ST-90089) as previously seen in two of Stuhrling’s all-time best selling timepieces, the Delphi and the Alpine. But with the Winchester, the movement exhibits even more detailing and hand engraving than ever before. The simple three-hand movement with the well proportioned pumpkin style crown and the brushed finish skeletonized hands makes for a reliable and eye-catching timepiece that is never out of place. An automatic (or self-winding) watch is fitted with a device (rotor) that automatically winds the spring by using the force of gravity. It needs no battery, but it will stop if you have been physically inactive for an extended period of time–as long as you’re moving, the watch will stay powered. Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Perrelet invented the self-winding mechanism in 1770. It worked on the same principle as a modern pedometer, and was designed to wind as the owner walked.

Product Description

Stuhrling Original is a brand whose rich historical roots date back centuries, and whose timepieces are as popular as ever due to the renaissance of mechanical self-winding watches among the discerning and style-conscious. In the world of fashion, fads may come and go, but a fine timepiece says a lot about your commitment to your own personal sense of style. The reputation of the Swiss watch is unmistakably a label of excellence and achievement; and rightfully so. At Stuhrling Original, we respect the art and tradition of the Swiss watch-making legend. All of our fine timepieces are produced with the utmost attention to detail and excellence by making the most of Swiss engineering, Swiss technology, and Swiss artisanship.

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